My African Food Map is an ongoing series committed to introducing and making popular cuisine from Africa accessible to you.

Focusing on one country at a time, I will dedicate at least a month to showcasing four popular dishes by uploading one, ±4-minute film for the duration of that time. Each dish will be introduced through local food enthusiasts, so we know that we will be getting a very special perspective on the way it is prepared and how it is best enjoyed.

Alongside the recipe feature, I may also upload a “my VOICE” featurette, which will accent the main dish by, for example, pointing to any alternative information about its origins, or alternate preparatory methods – or basically any train of thought that the featured recipe or country stimulates.

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My African Food Friends

- Posted May 3, 2015.

I’ve started work on the latest extension, which I’m calling “My African Food Friends.” I had the absolute pleasure of filming Saqera and her friends brunching on black-eyed bean fritters on a bed of mashed yam, finished with an intense, other-worldly tomato-based sauce. Some pics under the “Pictures” section. Video soon!