My African Food Map is an ongoing series, committed to introducing and making popular cuisine from Africa accessible to you.

Focusing on one country at a time, I will dedicate a month to showcasing four popular dishes by uploading one, ±4-minute film per week for the duration of that month. Each dish will be introduced through local food enthusiasts, so we know that we will be getting a very special perspective on the way it is prepared and how it is best enjoyed.

Alongside the weekly feature, I may also upload a “my VOICE” featurette, which will accent the main dish by, for example, pointing to any alternative information about its origins, or alternate preparatory methods – or basically any train of thought that the feature stimulates.

Your comments on both uploads will always be welcome and I look forward to hearing from you!

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On South Africa

- Posted March 5, 2015.

South Africa really has a multiplicity of identities and so determining which the four favourite dishes were was quite challenging: Depending on which apartheid-created or ethnic group each individual felt they were a part of, affected responses to my “what is your favourite South African food?” question. There were a few crossover dishes like, isitambu (or, for example, mngqusho in Xhosa), amagwinya (or vetkoek in Afrikaans) and pap (which I chose not to include because it’s the exact same thing as ugali as shown in the Kenya section). To add to these factors, there is a strong fast-food culture as well as the obvious presence of European- and American-influenced restaurants and dishes.

Overwhelmingly though, “braaing” was a consistent favourite. I was fortunate enough to get to film one and so will be including a video of that too in the South African features.


- Posted February 28, 2015.

It finally happened today. Looking forward to sharing with you through Instagram too!

Happy New Year!

- Posted January 11, 2015.

My African Food Map is celebrating the new year with the launch of the new website! Recipes and pictures from the featured countries will be posted on here, as well as all other events or activities that happen with the Food Map.