Your Support

- Posted April 15, 2015.

So, the other thing I did this week was create a support button.


Here’s why:

– I’d love to work on My African Food Map full-time.

– There are many ways that I could still expand the project (e.g., establishing the “Food Mapping in…” series, which will appear shortly, but will need to be maintained).

– There are so many great ideas for food sharing-learning events (e.g., learning from the cooks/chefs directly).

– There are so many more countries that I need to gather recipes from.

– I’m really happy that you enjoy this project and I want to keep you coming back by sharing and introducing more material. Winning new attention is equally wonderful.

– All of this needs much more financing than I am able to provide.


Hence this button:



Simply put, I’d love to keep My African Food Map going and your support would literally make it possible.